Achieving the Mexican Mitigation Targets: Options for an Effective Carbon Pricing Policy Mix – report for the German-Mexican Climate Alliance (June, 2017)

This study investigates how carbon pricing can help Mexico achieve its climate target and commitment to the Paris Agreement. It provides a review of the theory and practice of carbon pricing and a quantitative analysis of alternative options for a carbon pricing instrument mix.

A selection of reports authored at Thomson Reuters


EU Climate Ambition – Falling Short of Long-term Targets – Thomson Reuters (March 10, 2016)

This report investigates whether the EU is on track toward its 80 percent emission reduction target for 2050. It shows how the post-2020 legislation proposed by the European Commission delays efforts to reduce emissions and relies on uncertain technological improvements to help the EU meet its 80 percent target. These findings call into question the credibility of EU’s plan to deliver on its contribution to the 2°C goal.

California Dreaming: Implications of an EU ETS Price Floor – Thomson Reuters (March, 2016)

This report analyzes the implications of an EU ETS price floor and its political feasibility, and presents projections how a price floor will impact the CO2 price, CO2 emissions, and government revenues from the auctioning of EU ETS permits.

Animal Spirits versus the Big Picture: Why the outlook for the carbon price is still bullish – Thomson Reuters (February, 2016)

A long-term outlook and scenario analysis for the European carbon market, this report investigates the key policy developments and market trends that will shape the future of the market.

2030 EU Carbon Price Forecast: Peering through the political fog – Thomson Reuters (January, 2015)

This analysis provides an outlook for the European carbon market and the policy reforms that will decide its future.

Look before you leap: analysis on the design of the Market Stability Reserve – Thomson Reuters (October, 2014)

This report provides a quantitative analysis of the reform of the EU ETS known as the Market Stability Reserve, analyzes alternative ways to design the Market Stability Reserve, and provides recommendations for European governments and for members of the EU Parliament.

Winds of Reform: Examining the design parameters of the Market Stability Reserve – Thomson Reuters (March, 2014)

The first in-depth quantitative analysis of the proposal for a European carbon Market Stability Reserve, this report estimates how the Market Stability Reserve will impact the European carbon market and the European carbon price.

Carbon 2014 – Into Smoother Waters – Thomson Reuters (March, 2014)

The annual survey of the world’s carbon markets analyzes the latest developments, trends, and participant views in emissions trading systems. This report was edited by Anders Nordeng.

Carbon 2013 – At a tipping point – Thomson Reuters (March, 2013)

The annual survey of the world’s carbon markets analyzes the latest developments, trends, and participant views in emissions trading systems.

Carbon 2012 – A market waiting for Godot – Thomson Reuters (March, 2012)

The annual survey of the world’s carbon markets analyzes the latest developments, trends, and participant views in emissions trading systems.

Cloudy skies ahead for aviation in the EU ETS – Thomson Reuters (June, 2012)

In 2012 the EU included airlines flying in and out of European airports in its carbon market. However, the objections of several large emitting nations cast uncertainty over the future of aviation in the EU ETS. This paper analyzes the potential for ICAO to reach an agreement on a global aviation climate policy that will supersede the unilateral European efforts, and potential alternative scenarios in the event that such global efforts fail.

California-Acre partnership – setting the stage for compliance REDD credits – Thomson Reuters (May, 2012)

This report analyzes the potential for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) in the Brazilian state of Acre. It further discusses the implications of Acre’s REDD policies for the Californian cap-and-trade system. This report was edited by Lisa Zelljadt.

Other reports I have authored at Thomson Reuters on the EU ETS and global carbon pricing are available upon request.

Papers authored at Colorado College:


Biodiversity Conservation Through REDD+ – Senior Thesis, Colorado College, Granted “Most outstanding thesis in economics” award (May, 2011)

Nature Based Recreation in the Rockies – the New Value of the Region’s Resources – State of the Rockies, Colorado College (2011)

The Economic Stability of Farms and Ranches in the Rockies – State of the Rockies, Colorado College (2010)